Saturday, October 15, 2005

First Meeting - Awesome start!

Our first meeting went well, (although one of our co-presidents, Toph, was late. Shame on you Toph!).

We skipped intros since our club was predominantly sophomores (with the exception of two freshmen and one junior) and everyone pretty much knew each other. Too bad no seniors were there. :(

Though, our club is open to all, even if all had not signed up initially. We don't really care about attendance as we are very flexible. However, do try to tell us beforehand if you're not going to be in our club on a certain day (prefarably 24 hours+ in advance). We honestly don't want to plan a tournament if only 4 people are going to show up one day. That is very boring, and boring is certainly NOT in the job description when you've signed up for the Beaver Society of Environmental Catastrophes club!


We also ran through a quick discussion about future events, experiments, and suggestions. I will have a quick list posted up shortly of what we as a club came up with!

Smooth start. More fun coming our way!

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Toph said...

Hey, don't blame me for being late! I had to finish my English test and get the potato gun.