Saturday, October 15, 2005

Initial future events and suggestions

Here's the list I promised!

The stuff that BSEC is planning to do:

  • shoot candy
  • build a hovercraft
  • fundraising (for robots etc.)
  • participate in robot competitions
  • build a life-size robot
  • clone people, puppies, ants, etc.
  • convert-a-roomba
  • sell candy @ harvest fest (or elsewhere)
  • mini-hovercrafts
  • racing cars
  • mousetrap (monthly??) competition
  • float/sink/float experiment
  • boat races
  • build a better mousetrap, etc.
  • everyone bring in $10 (a quick fundraiser idea)
  • 5-step Rude Goldberg or whatever machine
  • each person makes a part of a mega-machine
  • prank thing; tripline that sets of rude goldberg machine

'tis a large list. I'm sure we'll add more here and there. :D

For next week, we plan to have a "Simple Machine" contest.

Whoever builds the longest Simple Machine (most steps) wins!

Get pumped.

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