Friday, October 28, 2005

Simplicity is a virtue!

Yes. Simplicity, a term used to define the barebones of an idea or system - what we advocate in this world of complications and luxuries, what we need when something is often too abstruse or perplexing for our minds.

Simplicity - what won one team victory in our "Simple Machines" competition and described the loss of the other team.

That's right, the victors of our "Simple Machines Contest" are:
Michael Firer '09
Michael Everdell '09
Ben Kohan '09
Adam Schwartz '06

How did they win? Simply because they were simple in their idea (pun very much intended :) ).

The materials we used:
The materials

A different perspective of the materials
For those of you accustomed to looking at things from different perspectives...
(My ill-attempt at humor) :P

The winning team's machine:
The winning machine
The Winning Machine!
Simply Made
Simply made!

The machine in action:

And it's Off! Going going.. Al final!

The severely complicated machine:

The confuffling contraption
The Confuffling Contraption!

A sequence of failures:

Whoops, that wasn't supposed to happen!
Whoops, that wasn't supposed to happen!

...Almost made it. Got stuck in a tube along the way!

My team lost due to complexity in our Simple Machine.

Hey guys, remember how we were supposed to make a Simple Machine? Well, we made a machine, just it wasn't simple.

Anyways, the victors:
Pre-victory Picture
"Yes, we are going to win" (A pre-victory team picture. Adam apparently didn't want to be in this picture. :) )

So, what have we learned folks?


Thank you, and good day! :)

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