Saturday, November 12, 2005

Third Meeting : Up up and AWAY!!!

Friday's meeting was awesome.

We went outside, amongst the cold air of this Fall season, to shoot a rocket and some potatoes.

The potatoes were sweet.

Potato Launch (Click to watch)

Though, when we launched our potato, something odd happened.

Burns on Toph's BCDS Sweatshirt (Click to watch)

But....Mr. Clippinger surely knew what the reason was!

An explanation by Mr. Clippinger (Click to watch)

Running galently to the makeshift Rocket Launch Area (Clcik to watch)

Our successful rocket launch.
Haha, I jest. :P

So, that was an interesting meeting.

We WILL get the Rocket to work in later meetings. The problem was with the engine: it was too old.

Next meeting??? No idea what we're doing.

Stay tuned!

That is all.


Toph said...

Just to clarify, we're not sure the engine's age was to blame. But it is the leading theory at this point.

Vivek said...

btw, I'm going to switch to another video server. The place where I am uploading videos is horrible.