Tuesday, February 14, 2006

BSEC Can Cook Eggs

...but not launch them. :P

Alas, another lovely BSEC meeting (February 10, 2006).

Remember that contest we were doing...the one that got postponed?

Well anyways, we launched those eggs last friday.

The teams were:

Team 1 (Potato Gun Egg Launcher)

Michael Everdell
JP Tuttle.

Team 2 (Thin Rocket Egg Launcher)

Peter Wilmot
Michael Firer
Robbie Richler

Team 3 (Cup Rocket Egg Launcher)

Toph Tucker
Ben Kohan
Tin-Yan Chan

Now the results:

When Pigs Fly was the mantra of the Potato Gun Egg Launcher (Vivek, JP, Everdell)... You'll see why after you watch this video clip of the Egg launch.

...Unfortunately, we couldn't find our egg right after the launch...We were under the impression that it fried into thin air. Wonder how we got that impression. :)

Next, the first Rocket group (Peter, Michael, Robbie) went. This was the group using the Thin Rocket Egg Launcher.

As you can tell, they had some engine trouble upon lift off. Well, scratch that...the engine had no trouble lifting off, just the rocket wasn't in such a mood to touch the skies. ;)

Our last rocket in the competition was destined to touch the skies (Toph, Ben Kohan, Tinyan): The Cup Rocket Egg Launcher.

Although it did reach a cloud or two, it fell at a great velocity to destroy its inhabiting egg. Too bad, that group would have won the contest had its egg stayed completely intact.

Surprisingly, after this launch, we were able to find the first Rocket group's egg.

And that concludes the contest. Pretty much, as you can tell, no one won the contest as all of our eggs were obliterated.

We finished the meeting with a final rocket launch. We launched Toph's new camera Rocket up into the air. This launch was the most successful launch.

After this launch we happened upon a mysterious crater in the earth's surface.

Apparently, we figured, using our intense knowledge of quadratics, mathematical theorems, Einstein's theory of relativity, the resulting products of certain chemical reactions, skillful perception, and the number pi, that we were awesome students and should never have homework ever again.

Also, Everdell astutely pointed out that the egg in the crater was most likely ours. :)

So yes, the best BSEC meeting ever happened on February 10, 2006.

For those of you who are in our club reading this post, I strongly suggest you attend the next meetings as the fun will only go up hill from now on.

Or at least come for the scrambled eggs. We have plenty left over from the meeting :)


Michael Firer said...

Peter has a very... distinctive scream.

Vivek said...

That he does.


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