Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Snake-like robots could save lives


While we're waiting for that awesome video/camera guy to get his act together and finally upload the meeting videos, here's an interesting article on a nifty "Snake-like robot":

An excerpt from the article:
The Carnegie Mellon University professor has spent years developing snake-like robots he hopes will eventually slither through collapsed buildings in search of trapped victims. In recent weeks, Choset and some of his students got the remote-controlled devices to climb up and around pipes.


Michael Firer said...

I take it that the site just sort of... died?

Vivek said...

What site?


Toph said...

Site? Dead? Never... :)

It's just been hibernating. Exams and all, you know, pretty exhausting.


Vivek said...

It'll wake up like a bear start of next year. It's learned a few new tricks, and will be delighted to entertain you and all new club members.

Just wait and see it roar in September!