Friday, October 06, 2006

First day of the club!

Today was the first day of the Beaver Science and Engineering Club of the 2006-2007 year, and I feel it is safe to say that it started out with a bang. Ha. Ha. Get it? 'Cause we... fired... potato guns, and we... oh, never mind.

All two of our members from last year may remember that we started off unremarkably. This year, we decided to change that. We started off by brainstorming a few ideas. This did not last long, however, and we soon were outside, aiming the potato gun at a hanging bag several yards away. However, we had... overestimated our ability to hit tiny targets from far away. The potato soared off, missing the bag by a good amount, flew across the street (nearly hitting a car) and splattered on a tree. We moved the target in front of a fence, hoping for better luck. Again, the potato missed the bag, but it was still quite a spectacle. The potato smashed into a pole in the fence and practically liquefied! Either we were having terrible luck, or the bag was having great luck. Either way, this was changed once new member Craig McHaffie took control of the gun. He aimed, fired, and knocked down the bag! The potato then crashed against the fence, and smashed into little people. [Edit: It's supposed to say "pieces," but I found it too amusing when I found the mistake, so I'm leaving it in, especially because there were preschoolers all around.]

Then, we did the ol' Mentos and Coke experiment. We opened the first bottle, and dropped in two tablets. The resulting spewing was quite high, but we strived for more! We were going to replace the cap of the second bottle with a cap with a small hole in it to make it spray higher, but... that didn't work. We poured in all of the tablets, with satisfying results. Peter and Toph got hit by Coke. It was terrible. Blood everywhere.

Videos of today's events will soon be up... or... as soon as Vivek edits the videos and uploads them. Check the site soon to see the videos!


UPDATE: The videos are here! Check out Vivek's epic post here, or just watch them below.

Potato Gun Test Launch

Hitting a Hanging Bag

Safely Attempting to Hit the Hanging Bag

A Successful Target Hit!

And…A Failed Launch


Toph said...

"All two of our members from last year..."

Excuse me, we have EIGHT veterans. :)

Michael Firer said...

Yeah, but two is a funny number. :P

Vivek said...

You're a funny number.


Michael Firer said...