Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Long-Term Goals

Vivek already posted the brainstorming notes from our last meeting, but I thought I'd elaborate on a few points.


There are several robotics competitions that we could theoretically enter -- and, at some point, we hope to. We'll start small, with things like LEGO Mindstorms and other kits, and perhaps build our way up to more fun, useful, crazy ideas.

Like a hovering robot... oo....

With a mounted potato gun...



Unfortunately, a hovercraft like the one we're hoping to eventually make (see earlier post) is extremely hard to build and would take a very, very long time. We're certainly still hoping to make one -- it will just take a long, long time. :)


While I'm certainly happy people are enthusiastic about throwing out wild ideas -- that's the whole point of brainstorming, after all -- this one's, well, just a wee little bit unlikely.

Not to mention illegal.

So I'd say we won't be cloning any time soon...



Vivek said...

Legalities and science do not mix.

If we truly want something cool to happen, then we should just focus on the science first and then worry about legal issues. :)

Toph said...

Tell that to the cops as they haul you away. And don't worry about my silence and denial of any involvement -- deep down inside, know that I'm on your side.