Monday, November 14, 2005

Inventory: Rockets

Following the disappointment of last Friday's failed launch, I have re-evaluated our supplies. The club has actually inherited a fairly large supply of rocketry materials from its three co-founders. A partial list follows.


Toph Tucker

2 fully built & waterproofed rockets (engine sizes A / B / C)
2 unbuilt rockets
2 unbuilt mini rockets
4 large launch pads (various stages of completion)
1 mini launch pad
5 "Electron Beam" electronic launch controllers
2 spare parachutes
2 paratrooper figures
3 launch rod caps (with wind streamers)
1 plain orange streamer
4 B6-4 engines
LOTS of wadding, plugs and manuals :)

Peter Wilmot

Lots of fun stuff. Unclear how much we'll be able to use. Details to follow. :)

Vivek Pai

At least two built standard-sized rockets. Details to follow.


Wish List

While I have the four B6-4 engines -- that's roughly medium-sized, folks -- I do not have any igniters to go with them. That, of course, is an issue, and basically means that we can't use those engines until we get igniters for them.

Over Thanksgiving break I will be looking into some new acquisitions, possibly including additional engines/igniters, larger engines, and larger rocket kits. We hope to have a brief planning session before the break in order to decide what we want to get.

At some point in the future we hope to attempt a multi-stage rocket. Instead of enjoying only one thrust phase, multi-stage rockets drop their lower portion as they peak and begin another thrust phase. It would also be fun to see what we could do with larger rockets. I'm still bent on including a couple of small payloads: candy bags with parachutes and a small bunch of ants. (Why? Just because they'd survive! They fall slowly enough that, as long as we don't fly them into the upper atmosphere or kill them during launch, they'd make it down all right.)

Stay tuned, and be sure to email one of us if you have any suggestions.


Michael Firer said...

You should tell the school about this blog at one of those meetings. Suggest blogs for their clubs. That sorta thing. That video you posted only got about four views.

Michael Firer said...

Hey Toph, I just realized that they lied about bringing back the popcorn man. Wazzupwiddat?

Vivek said...

Michael, I am trying to spread the word about blogging in the school. You're brother apparently made a blog for the writers club.

peter said...

so guys do u think we could get a lego mindstorm contest going? where we get all the schools around us to compeat...
who ever makes the best lego bot to do all these different contests wins and if we can get enough people we could tell lego we have this # of people compeating in a lego only contest will u sponcer us with lego parts and stuff.
it would be fun learning expierence for our club it would conect us to other schools for the future and it would bring atention to the club
the problem is it will be hard to do... i think we can do it though i have a small needs to be exited proprosel i will bring in to school

Vivek said...

sounds like a great idea.

Just a little tidbit, Lego just came out with a new Lego Mindstorms set.

If we work fast, our competition might help support these new models, increasing our chances of a partnership with Lego.