Thursday, December 01, 2005

Third Meeting - Preview

Tomorrow, December 2nd, we are having our fourth meeting. Unfortunately, it will be slightly shorter than usual because of a special schedule.

We will be starting an egg drop contest, which we will finish at our next meeting. Contestants must get an egg as high as possible while still having it return to the ground intact. There are four options available:

1. Send your egg up in a rocket. High risk, high yield, medium-high fun.
2. Launch your egg out of the potato gun. High risk, medium-high yield, high fun.
3. Toss your egg up in the air. Low risk, low yield, low fun.
4. Come up with something else!

We will supply:

- Rocket bodies
- Engines
- All other rocket launch equipment (pad etc.)
- Potato gun
- Plastic cups
- Everything left over from the Rube Goldberg machines contest
- And anything else you can find :)


If you couldn't care less about eggs, a couple kids might also start experimenting with LEGO MindStorms. We will also talk about a couple of upcoming local competitions which we might want to enter.

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