Friday, March 24, 2006

Concrete, Mice, and No Videos

No club update here, folks. Just checking in...

Faithful reader Dafir sends in these links:

Light-Transmitting Concrete
Mouse Robots

The latter might be an interesting project. The former is just cool. :)

Meanwhile, J.P. pointed out the other day that "iRobot is putting serial ports on all the new Roombas and they have an SDK :-). The cheapest one is $150. Just something to think about if we want to do robot stuff."

As for the videos of our newest ethanol & flour exploits, they're coming. :) There's a fair amount of video to get through, and we all know how busy two weeks off from school (!!!) can be... ;)

(I'm actually quite serious, by the way. It's incredible how free time fills up. Infuriating, too. We need more vacation time...)

But anyway, that's coming. :D


Vivek said...

Let's not forget that some of us try to stay as much away from the computer as possible during vacation. :)

Michael Firer said...

It's... been a while...

Vivek said...

Yes....yes it has.