Monday, April 16, 2007

Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Meeting Recaps

We're coming out of somewhat of a lull thanks to four missed meetings (due to lack of school) and a general lack of activity. But fear not for the future of the club! Next week we're doing bridge-building and more. In the mean time, a recap of what's been happening since the last blog update more than a month ago:

Tenth Meeting (March 9, 2007)

We begin our egg launch project with what amounted to a planning meeting.

Eleventh Meeting (March 16, 2007)

We successfully launched an egg and returned it unharmed! Woohoo! We'll have cameraphone video at some point if we can get it from Willy...

Twelfth Meeting (April 13, 2007)

This meeting was for all intents and purposes called off, although we did half-heartedly attempt to make a slingshot.


Anonymous said...

you guuys have really been slacking lately on the videos

Vivek said...

Hello anonymous!
Why don't you introduce yourself. :-)

Anyways, about the videos. For there to exist videos, there has to be stuff worthy to be videotaped.

Rockets, explosions, firey-abyss...these are all worthy to be put on tape. However, we've not done any of those for a while since we've pretty much exhausted those options.

Now a days, we're doing more scientific stuff. If we were to video tape what we do in our current meetings, we'd put all readers of this blog to sleep.

That said, there are pictures of our last meeting that I have in my possession. As soon as I get the time (which is another factor in why there hasn't been much media on this site), I'll put those pictures up for all to see.

Hope that answers your distress. :)


Toph said...

1) Vivek, it's actually spelled "fiery," not "firey."

2) Anonymous, I agree. :) There are a couple reasons for this.
-- Like Vivek said, we have had several meetings in which we either do very little, or do things like planning a bridge that isn't so fun to see.
-- We have more school work, less time.
-- I personally have had a number of technical issues with getting videos online, mainly storage related, which will soon be mostly resolved.
-- There's a bit of laziness/slacking involved too, especially in regards to bringing a camara to every meeting.

So, sorry. We'll try to get back on track.

- Toph