Friday, September 22, 2006

BSEC Year 2: Twice the Membership, 10x the Fun (or so we hope...)

Today, club presidents announced the year's clubs and people signed up. Following a report on the state of scientific affairs in the United States by correspondent Vivek Pai, featuring an interview with acclaimed researcher Dr. Michael Firer, Ph. D., on his response to the latest developments in Japan. We'll try to get a full transcript online ASAP.

People were apparently so traumatized that they signed up in troves - we have twice as many members as last year. Hoorah! Glad to have you all aboard. :)

Last year one of our issues was that we had large gaps in between fun activities. This year, we're going to do something cool every single meeting. That's our pledge to you.

So start thinking about fun ideas, and we'll see you all at our first meeting. (That'll be either this Friday the 29th or the week after, October 6th, depending on how the A Block/B Block thing works out. I'll post that here and on the club board when we find out.)

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