Saturday, September 23, 2006

Vivek's Breaking News Report

Vivek: “ZOMG TOP STORY! It has been reported by friendly, as well as hostile news affiliates that there is a tremendous decline in the scientific arena.

“Scientific research reaches luxury as proper funding can no longer keep pace with inflation. Fewer Nobel Prizes are offered, and published scientific research went down from 61% to a measly 29%.

“Wait, this just in…

“Japanese researchers have just completed their first working prototype for the ultimate, indestructible, infallible, unassailable, impervious, metallic, rock-solid, ubercool, ultra dooper…robotic super doggie.

Could things get any worse?

“Fortunately, we have Dr. Knowsitall here with a solution to this…catastrophe. Dr. Knowsitall?”

Dr. Knowsital: “mmmblmbblmblmbalmbmblmlmeblmlmlmlbm... the only solution is to join the nearest science club!

Vivek: “That’s it folks….JOIN the NEAREST SCIENCE CLUB. Back to you Toph!”

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