Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Welcome the Second Administration

In one final act of mismanagement, I sent out an obnoxious email yesterday before lunch asking folks to come by to see some thermite and to find out the results of our election. You see, I was going to announce that stuff at Morning Meeting, but we had no announcement time. But I was still in the mindset of wanting to announce it in person or whatever, so I tried for the next best thing. Of course, I completely overlooked the fact that all Juniors were off-campus. Oops! (We didn't do any thermite yesterday, FYI.)

So let's just do this. None of this "bait" stuff. The results of our close election are:


President: Willy Tucker
Senior Vice President: Brooke Parker
Junior Vice President: Sam Lynch

Assistant Vice Presidents:
Sarah BarriƩ
Sabrina Brown
Luke Fraser

(Everyone gets a title! Woohoo!!! :) )

Thanks for a great three years, folks! I'll be in touch...

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